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 Fibre Optic Products

Fibre Optic Products

SKY HD and SKY Blu-Ray DVD player AV Amplifiers 5.1 Surround Sound System Freesat Freeview And many more Information:

Digital interconnects need to be taken seriously Like their analogue counterparts, they can have a profound effect on the tonal, rhythmic and dynamic properties of a system People struggle with digital cables - the common belief being that since the cable is only carrying a digital signal, the design and quality of the materials can’t have any influence.

Repeated listening tests show that this is not the case.

Digital cables can and do have an effect on the sound quality of the system they are used with.

Digital cables are capable of affecting levels of detail, dynamics, sound staging and the rhythmic and tonal characteristics of a system.

The performance improvement that well designed digital interconnects can bring to a system should not be dismissed lightly! Features & Benefits: Polished high grade optical fibre immune to ANY interference: RFI, EMI or ground loop Vibration damping acrylic plug surround Domed and polished cable end Micro Bore Cable

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